Back The Renters Reform Bill

The Renters Reform Bill is an important step forward for private renters. 

We can't allow the new Prime Minister to derail the Renters' Reform Bill.

New laws to better protect private renters has been more than three years in the making, since Theresa May committed to abolishing Section 21 in April 2019.

The Conservative Party was elected on a manifesto pledge to reform renting and the promise to take action has been restated in each Queens Speech since.

In this time the need for substantial reform has become clearer - last December the National Audit Office said the existing regulatory system is “not effective in ensuring the sector is consistently fair for renters or that housing is safe and secure”.

Finally, in June, the Government published the long-awaited White Paper, “A Fairer Private Rented Sector”.

It is a serious and ambitious plan to reform the private rented sector and will lead to better protections for the 4.4 million households who rely on this sector for their home.

The reforms in the White Paper will improve the lives of private renters, and make it harder for bad landlords to undercut the good ones.

We still need to hammer out the detail and make sure every change makes renters' lives better - but the new Prime Minister cannot derail this Bill. Tackling the lack of security and quality in the private rented sector matters too much.

The Renters' Reform Bill cannot be delayed, or watered down or worse scrapped completely.

This would be devastating for private renters.

Ask your MP what this Bill means for you and why you support it.

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