Ask your potential next MP about their plans to tackle the housing crisis

TUC Young WorkersAs young people, we know that you are likely feeling the strain of the housing crisis, Whether you are still living at home because you cannot afford staggering rents, one of the many who have had to ask your family or friends for financial help to finally get a foot on the property ladder, or one of the 1.6 million living in substandard accommodation. House prices are out of control, dodgy landlords and letting agents are not being held to account, and social housing waiting lists are a mile long. This has gone on far too long. 

The run up to the general election is a time when candidates are vying for your votes. This provides a unique opportunity to let candidates know that a condition of your support is strong policies for tackling the housing crisis.  Find out what your candidates plans for housing are by inputting your post code below and following the steps on the next page.