Tell your MP we need a Renters Reform Bill

The people have spoken. Now the local elections are over, the government is about to announce a new programme of legislation in next Tuesday's Queens Speech.

The government has admitted that last night's results were difficult for the Conservative Party.

And it hasn't escaped our notice that several councils they lost - including Southampton, Worcester and three in London - have more private renters than average.

One of the big challenges for the government is the cost of living crisis - and it is most challenging for renters who are spending more on housing costs, more likely to be struggling with energy bills, and are less likely to have savings to fall back on.

Private renters are relying on the Renters' Reform Bill to provide more security of tenure, prevent unwanted moves and make it easier to demand improvements to their homes. 

But we keep hearing rumours that the Prime Minister is flip-flopping and we still won't see action to abolish Section 21 evictions despite it being promised three years ago. 

The government needs to act. Please email your MP. Ask them to tell the Prime Minister to announce the Renters' Reform Bill in Tuesday's Queens Speech.

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