Ask your MP to strengthen the Renters Reform Bill

The next big debate on the Renters Reform Bill is happening in Parliament this Wednesday.

This version of the Bill has been revised by backbench MPs to make it more landlord friendly. Although landlords will need a reason to evict you, if they want to sell or move back in there’s not much improvement on the current situation. It can happen just six months into your tenancy and you still get just two months to move out, which is not enough time in this crowded market. Frankly, this bill is not good enough.

In its current form, the Bill won’t do enough to protect England’s 12 million renters.

Some MPs are trying to make the Bill better with amendments, but we need to make sure that enough MPs support this effort. This way, we can make renting better for as many tenants as possible.

Please ask your MP to support these amendments. Enter your postcode to get started.