Ask your MP to stand up for private renters

The Government has pledged to publish a White Paper on legislative reform for private renting in England.We need MPs to hear your stories and what it means for private renters to have safe and secure place to call home.Email your MP today.Tell them why you support Generation Rent’s calls for an end to unfair evictions, a national register of landlords, and protections from unaffordable rent hikes.MPs want to hear about what matters to you as their constituent and how they can help make a difference. So enter your postcode into the box below. When you press 'continue' you will be able see a draft email ready for you to amend and email to your MP. It's as easy as that.Remember....Make it personal. There's an editable template on the next page. But if you can, add your own renting story or why this matters to you.Ask for a meeting. You are a constituent and MPs hold regular 'surgeries' to meet local residents.Include your address details. It is parliamentary protocol that MPs respond to constituents only.