'Sex for rent': Help us protect renters from sexual exploitation

Content warning: sexual offences

On January 12 2022, the House of Lords voted in support of two new laws, which would target predators who offer free or discounted accommodation in exchange for sexual acts.

'Sex for rent' is illegal. However, there has only ever been one charge. This is because the current law and guidance is inadequate and fails victims.

New laws are needed to protect renters from predators who seek to exploit them for sexual acts in return for a roof over their head.

In 2018, YouGov and Shelter estimated that a quarter of a million women had been asked for sexual favours by their landlord, in exchange for free or discounted accommodation, at some point between 2013 and 2018.

Now that these laws have been passed in the House of Lords, they must be supported by MPs in the House of Commons before they can come into effect.

Can you ask your MP to protect renters from predators who think they can get away with sexually exploiting renters in need of a home?