Ask your MP to extend the ban on evictions

In just three weeks, the Government's eviction ban comes to an end. We need your help to protect renters at risk of losing their homes.

Lockdown is being eased, but the renting crisis is far from over. Two thirds of renters are worried about paying the rent. The Government has asked landlords to show compassion to struggling tenants, but we know that most are demanding the rent now and in full. Unless the Government acts now, millions of renters will be at risk of eviction and homelessness.

We're calling on the Government to:

  • Extend the ban on Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, until the Government has introduced legislation to permanently abolish them via the Renters Reform Bill.
  • Prevent evictions for rent arrears, by amending Section 8 to state that debt built up during this crisis cannot be used as grounds for eviction. 
  • Increase Local Housing Allowance (LHA) and remove the benefit cap to ensure that benefits cover housing costs.

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