Email your MP to get renting reform right

The Renters (Reform) Bill has, after four years of promises, finally been published. 

The bill includes the abolition of Section 21, the creation of an Ombudsman and Property Portal, abolishes fixed term tenancies and makes it more likely that you will be able to keep a pet. 

However, there are sections of the bill that we want to make sure are as strong as possible. We don't want to see the creation of a back door Section 21, we want tenants to get better protection when their landlord wants to sell, and we want to make it much harder for criminal landlords to operate. 

The best way to ensure that we get rental reform right is by making sure MPs speak up for renters when the Bill is being debated. 

Please ask your MP to support the Renters (Reform) Bill and make sure we get renting reform right.

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