Tell the London Mayoral candidates to regulate landlords

One of the biggest causes of poor health is someone's home. Normally if a product - whether a prawn sandwich or a bus ride - carries a health risk the person who sells it has to be regulated.

This doesn't apply if you're a landlord - anyone can set up as one without registering with the local council. If something goes wrong the council can investigate and prosecute but by that point poor ventilation in their property could already have given the tenant respiratory problems.

With 2 million Londoners depending on the professionalism of their landlord, we need a city-wide licensing system that weeds out the crooks before they can exploit tenants. Schemes already exist in several boroughs but with the sector expanding we need consistent regulation for everyone.

Please ask the cadidates for Mayor to support a city-wide licensing scheme. Please feel free to write about your own experiences.

  Sadiq Khan
  Zac Goldsmith
  Caroline Pidgeon
  Siân Berry
  George Galloway
  Peter Whittle

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