Tell the London Mayoral candidates to put private renters first

If private renting is going to get cheaper we need to build more homes in London. A lot of the flats that are currently being built have already been snapped up by foreign investors who will be letting them out at as high a rent as possible, with no security for the tenants - or even just leaving them empty. 

We want to see more genuinely affordable homes being built alongside the market homes, but even in the market sector it can't be a free-for-all for the speculators. The next London Mayor should insist that if new homes are let out they should be on secure tenancies, with limits on rent rises - especially if they're being built with government subsidy or on public land.

Please write to the candidates for Mayor and ask them to give tenants priority in new housebuilding.
  Sadiq Khan
  Zac Goldsmith
  Caroline Pidgeon
  Siân Berry
  George Galloway
  Peter Whittle

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