Ask London's Mayoral candidates to support renters

On Thursday 6 May, voters in Greater London will elect the Mayor and members of the London Assembly.

The UK is experiencing a renting crisis, and nowhere is this more apparent than London.

Over two million Londoners are private renters, facing high rents, unsafe and even dangerous conditions, all in the knowledge that they can be evicted by their landlord at just two months’ notice.

Lack of suitable affordable homes in the private rented sector (PRS) is fuelling the unacceptable rise in homelessness and temporary accommodation in the Capital.

The Mayor of London can do more to provide long term homes for homeless families, stop homes for renters becoming holiday lets and ensure the Met Police prevents illegal evictions. They also have a role in demanding new powers and changes in the law from the government in Westminster. 

Please ask the candidates if they will adopt Generation Rent's policies to fix London's housing crisis. 

  Sadiq Khan, Labour
  Shaun Bailey, Conservative
  Sian Berry, Green Party
  Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrats
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