Will London MPs support renters?

Half of London’s population rents, yet the government has no plans to improve the lives of renters aside from flawed policies aimed at making it easier to buy. With the capital’s house prices at record levels, the number of renters is only going to keep rising.

By the next election, Generation Rent predicts that the proportion of renters in London will be 54%, outnumbering homeowners in 49 out of 73 parliamentary constituencies. There are 34 MPs whose majority is small enough to be overturned by the renter vote at the next election – including 13 Conservatives.

Renters need London’s MPs – from all parties – to commit to solving the housing crisis and reforming the market so that everyone, from would-be first-time buyers to vunerable tenants, has a secure, affordable and decent home. By putting their differences aside, London’s MPs could vote in one bloc and force the government to fix the housing crisis.

Please email your local MP by entering your postcode below. We have provided some suggested words, but you are welcome to add to this. We have a list of all London seats here – find out what the local house price to income (affordability) ratio is*, the size of the renter population and if your MP is in one of the 34 marginal seats. Renters' Rights London have produced a Renters' Index which looks at which boroughs are better for renters.

If you live outside London, please contact your MP through this page.

*Many thanks to the National Housing Federation for supplying these figures.