Ask your MP to protect renters from coronavirus debt and evictions

Renters have been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. One in five renters has been forced to choose between rent and other essentials such as food, and millions more are worried about their jobs and their future.

The Government must act now to protect renters. We're calling for:
  • Housing benefit to cover average rents, available immediately for all who need it
  • No coronavirus evictions - and a permanent ban on evictions for arrears built up during the pandemic
  • A freeze on rent increases for 12 months
But we need your help. MPs need to hear from renters and people like you if we want them to act. Will you ask your MP to meet you virtually (via Zoom or similar) to discuss protecting renters from coronavirus debt and evictions?

To get started, enter your postcode and click continue. Please fill in your personal details and scroll down to see the message you are sending to your candidates. You can edit this message to add your personal experience of renting.