Move Parliament to Hull

MPs are cocooned from the cost of renting and poor conditions with generous £20,000 second home allowances. It’s no wonder they aren’t treating the housing crisis with the urgency it needs.

Politicians should experience some of the hardship the rest of the country is going through and that means giving up their huge second home subsidies. By moving Parliament to Hull, the least expensive part of England, the taxpayer would save £120m in employment and rent costs. The move would also let us turn Parliament into a nice block of flats for low-income Londoners.

If they don’t want a move up north, MPs should at least realise what a good deal they get in housing and use that humility to fight for a better deal for renters.

Please write to your local candidates to ask them to remember the renters they represent if they have the privilege of being elected to Parliament in May. We have provided a suggested template email, but please include your own experiences of housing if you feel they are relevant.