Protect tenants from unfair evictions

It is so easy for landlords to evict a tenant that it is almost impossible for renters to feel like they have a long-term home. One in four of us has faced an unwanted move, and none of us really knows where we'll be living in a year's time. 

The government is planning a public consultation on giving renters more security. Most landlords want long term tenants, but a significant minority relies on the easy eviction process to speculate on rising house prices or maximise rents. We need proper regulation to ensure minimum standards.

Generation Rent is calling on the government to scrap the no-fault eviction law and entitle tenants faced with an unwanted move to compensation from their landlord and a longer notice period. This would stop landlords from evicting tenants on a whim, reduce homelessness and give renters more stable lives.

Write to your MP now and ask them to protect renters.

Read more here. Please note: the Scottish Parliament has already passed a law to restrict evictions.