A Parliament for Renters

The housing crisis is forcing more people into insecure, expensive and poorly maintained rented housing. If nothing changes, by the time of the next election in 2020 there will be even more renters than there are now – enough to decide the MP in 231 seats.

The government currently has no policies that will come close to fixing the housing crisis or improve private renting for those with nowhere else to go. But once ministers realise that they could lose power if they don’t do more than just offer bribes to first time buyers, then we’ll start to see real change.

We want to meet with the new ministerial team, but we need your help.

Please email your local MP by entering your postcode below. We have provided some suggested words, but you are welcome to add to this. We have a list of all parliamentary seats to download here – find out what the local house price to income (affordability) ratio is*, the size of the renter population and if your MP is in one of the 231 marginal seats.

You can also find out if your MP is a landlord here.

London elects a new mayor next year, so we have a slightly different campaign running – if you live in the capital, please use this link to email your MP.

*Many thanks to the National Housing Federation for supplying these figures.