Private renters need secure tenancies

As a private renter you never really know where you will call home in a year's time. Your landlord could raise the rent to more than you can afford, sell the property, or just not renew your tenancy without giving a reason. One in 4 of us can expect to lose our home through no fault of our own. We need better protection.

Most of the candidates for London Mayor agree, including Zac Goldsmith (Conservative) and Sadiq Khan (Labour), who say they will demand powers from Westminster to offer tenants longer tenancies. 

They won't even need to demand these powers if the government goes ahead and devolves them in the Housing Bill that's about to be debated in the Lords. 

The Minister, Baroness Williams, can equip Zac, Sadiq, or whoever is elected to run London with the ability to reform tenancies from day one. Please ask her to amend the Bill to give renters longer tenancies. 

We have drafted a template but the Minister will find it harder to ignore real life experiences so feel free to add your own. Many thanks!
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