Give renters better protection from eviction

The number of renters being forced out of their homes has reached a record level, with over 37,000 people being evicted in 2013.  Shockingly, almost two thirds of these evictions are 'no fault' Section 21 evictions. This means the landlord does not have to have a reason for evicting his tenants - most tenants pay their rent on time and are exemplary tenants. In fact, rent arrears across the UK are falling - and mortgage reposessions are at their lowest level since 2007. This is simply because greedy landlords want to maximise their profits, with no thought to the disruption and misery they are bringing to their tenants. 

If they don't use the Section 21 route, landlords often hike up the rent to unaffordable levels in order to coerce their tenant out of the property, or into paying rent they cannot afford. We want your Parliamentary candidates to agree to support rent control and give tenants peace of mind that they can afford to stay in their property and won't be forced out by a landlord drastically raising their rent. 

Finally, we think it is important that tenants are given the same rights as home owners and be allowed to let out their spare room if they need to. If a renter finds themself facing financial difficulty, letting out their spare room means they are able to pay their rent, keeping their landlord happy as well being able to eat that month.