Evictions debate in Parliament: Ask your MP to attend

On Thursday 6th December MPs will debate Section 21 evictions for private renters in Parliament. We need to make sure that as many MPs as possible attend the debate to speak out about the harmful impact of no fault evictions and why we can - and must - give real security to private renters.

Please email your MP and ask them to attend the debate on 6th December - you can use the template letter but feel free to personalise it if you'd like to. If you've experienced a section 21 eviction it would be useful to mention this and the impact this has had. If you're not currently private renting you can still contact your MP about this issue but you may want to adapt the template letter. 

If you receive a response from your MP please forward this to hannah@generationrent.org to help us track MP positions on this issue. 

The End Unfair Evictions campaign is a coalition led by Generation Rent working with London Renters Union, ACORN, and New Economics Foundation. Find out more about the campaign: https://www.endunfairevictions.org/the_campaign