Stop landlords making families homeless

One of the worst things about renting is the uncertainty about where you will live in a year's time. With contracts of 12 months at most, no limits on rent increases and the right of landlords to kick you out without giving a reason, we can't truly call the place we live "home".

A poll by BMG found that more than a quarter of private renters can expect to be forced out of their home through no fault of their own.

The government should start protecting tenants from no-fault evictions by requiring landlords to help tenants who are forced to move and limiting rent increases to inflation. The Housing Bill is tackling landlords who break the law, but does nothing to change the law which currently gives landlords all the power.

Please write to leaders in the House of Lords and ask them to amend the Housing Bill using our template - though your own experiences will always help get the message across.

  Lord Best, Crossbench Convenor
  Lord Kennedy, Labour
  Baroness Bakewell, Lib Dem
  Baroness Jones, Green
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